RainSaucers™ Pictures

I finally got a rain water tank set up by my tower system so Now I can show some pictures of my own RainSaucer™.

Rain Saucer

Rain Saucer

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Rain saucer 2

Rain saucer 2

RainSaucers™ are a great way to catch clean rain water for your aquaponics system without the worry of contaminants from roofing materials.
I plan to add two more saucers to the top of the tower system frame for a total of 3 saucers on a ten tower frame which will also provide some nice summer time mid day shade for the plants as well as catching plenty of water (perhaps I’ll need a larger rain water tank.)
The 100 gallon 4 tower system will be able to hold one RainSaucer™ while the 200 gallon system should support two RainSaucers™.

Rain Saucer 3

Rain Saucer 3

RainSaucers™ are made from food grade polypropylene and can be easily taken down and cleaned or stored when not needed.

This is an old post. As of 2022 The Rainsaucers company is no longer in business and I do not have any to sell. My best advice to some one trying to collect rain water in a similar fashion, is to get a metal canopy frame (flat and slightly smaller than the tarp) and secure a good quality tarp (HDPE plastic) to it, Cut a hole in the middle where the water ponds and place your bucket/barrel etc under the hole (secure a screen over the container to keep leaves out.)

2 comments to RainSaucers™ Pictures

  • Sminfiddle

    So how much water does one rainsaucer catch per minute in a medium shower? I have hesitated to gutter my roof and these look useful, especially if I could parallel more than one. I’ve got two 270-gallon poly tanks awaiting some kind of input…

    • TCLynx

      Product Specifications for 48″ RainSaucer™
      – Saucer made from food grade, UV resistant Polypropylene.
      – Total Surface Area: 11.25 Square Feet
      – Harvesting Capacity: 6.75 gallons per inch of rain (fills most barrels with 8-9 inches)
      – 2″ NPS threaded male fitting.
      – 1/16″ filtration via mesh screen
      – Strong wind resistance via retention ring and cables.
      – Works with any barrel (not included) that has native 2″ NPS fine thread hole or one installed by bulkhead fitting or compression gasket (ask your barrel retailer).
      – Stores flat or via hook through edge hole.
      – System comes with 5 parts (Saucer, fasteners, adapter, filter, and retention ring)
      – 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects
      – MSRP: $55.00 USD

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