Re-Usable Lettuce Media for Raft beds


Come On everyone, lets help get this Project to it’s stretch goal! Doesn’t Re-Usable Media for planting lettuce in raft beds sound Awesome???? I think so and I would love to see this project reach the $10,000 goal. Only about a day left to make it.

2 comments to Re-Usable Lettuce Media for Raft beds

  • Doug Van Meter

    Would like to purchase when available.

    • TCLynx

      They are available!
      There are different quantity packages available and they come in two different sizes to fit either 1″ holes or 2″ holes depending on the hole sizes in your rafts.
      I have been using the 1″ variety in my lettuce growing operation for the past several months. By starting the seeds in a loose media, I am able to save space for seed starting indoors under lights and I transplant the seedlings into the grow grips around 5-12 days old and I can place them directly into my large rafts or put them in small close spaced rafts for another week or 2 before spacing them out into the big rafts depending on where I have the space and time.
      growgrip youtube video

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