CSA style produce Boxes

I am trying to find out if I have enough customers near by in Central FL who would want a regular produce box pick up or delivery CSA (community supported agriculture) style for me to set that all up.

Here is a link to a quick survey to see if anyone is interested
Click here to take survey

Right now I’m targeting primarily Central Lake County Florida as close to Yalaha FL as reasonable but I could perhaps widen the net as far as North West Orange County or even Orlando over to the Villages if there are enough people interested in any one location to make a delivery point useful.

Weekly price for the produce box would be $25.95 (or for a quarterly subscription a discounted total of $290) and include 6-8 items of greens, herbs and possibly also some free range eggs or other items depending on desire and availability.

I can have people pick up boxes at the farm on Sunday Afternoons between 2:30-4pm
I can bring boxes to the Lake County Farmers Market On Thursdays

If you have a large enough group at your office or elsewhere I can set up a group drop off location (I will have to do pre-paid subscriptions for such drop off locations since I won’t be able to hand around to collect money for the orders.)

Another possibility might be the Brownwood market over at the Villages on Saturdays (I would need to do the pre-payment there too and to get enough people to sign up to make it worth the fuel to drive over weekly)

Please let me know if you are interested or have any suggestions/comments via my contact form or use the survey link above.

2 comments to CSA style produce Boxes

  • walt2go

    What is a CSA produce box?

    • TCLynx

      CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. One of the ways this works is that people might buy a “share” of the up coming season’s farm’s harvest and in return they get a weekly selection from the farm when the harvest starts coming in. Another option would be to have a weekly selection that you pay for by the week or for a certain number of months.
      Since I did not get much interest I am not currently offering a regular weekly produce box but come fall I could probably make it available again if there is interest. It would probably include a couple selections of lettuce, kale or other super greens, some herbs and other veggies as available.

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