CSA Subscription

Regular Weekly Produce Box

Regular Weekly Produce Box

CSA Program
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and usually takes the form of subscribers paying in advance for a share of the farm produce over a season.
Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture include;
• Promotes healthy eating habits.
• Support local farming and your family’s health!
• Support for a local family farm and the local farm movement.

Get Local Farm fresh produce and fruit delivered to your
business, company site, Home or pick it up at the Farm.

The Product:
1. A box of farm fresh produce/fruits grown using Aquaponic farming methods. (Better than organic because I can’t cheat or even use some of the stronger Organic pesticides, I can only use things that are safe enough to dump in a fish tank.)
2. The majority of the freshly picked produce is grown by Aquaponic Lynx LLC Farm (Aleece Landis) located in Yalaha, FL.
Produce/fruits may be supplemented by other organic farmers to provide a good variety in each box.
3. Produce is delivered to the business location once a week where it is picked up by the subscriber.
4. Subscribers do not have a choice as to what they receive each week.

The Cost:
The cost to the subscriber is $25.95 for the Full Share per week ($20 in produce and $5.95 delivery fee.) This is for paying weekly If paying Quarterly, the total will only be $245.95 (a savings of $65.40.)
Half Shares Cost $18.45 per week ($12.50 in produce and $5.95 delivery fee.) but if payed quarterly the total will be $186 (a savings of $35.40)

The exact contents of the CSA subscription will vary somewhat depending on what is available and at it’s peak. Currently (January 2014) You can expect 1-2 orders of lettuce (I will make sure there is variety) and 2-3 orders of other greens which could include Kale, Collard Greens, Celery, Watercress, Swiss Chard and perhaps shoots like pea shoots. I will also include two orders of Herbs. Current likely choices are Chives, Parsley, French Tarragon, Mint and Rosemary. As the seasons change and the farm grows, I will try to offer more fruits/roots/and fruiting veggies (Tomato, eggplant, peas, beans, carrots, turnips, etc.) And I am always willing to hear what people would like to have grown for them and will try to grow what people are interested in.

I will also try to find extra bonuses to throw in when available. Things like edible flowers, free range (unwashed, ungraded) Duck or Chicken eggs (probably 1/2 a dozen), other veggies or even seedlings.
Please let me know what kind of bonuses you might prefer or if there is anything particular you DO NOT WANT.

The Cost:
The cost for a full share is $25.95 per week ($20 in produce and $5.95 delivery fee.)
If paying Quarterly, the total will only be $245.95 (a savings of $65.40.)
Half Shares Cost $18.45 per week ($12.50 in produce and $5.95 delivery fee.) but if payed quarterly the total will be $186 (a savings of $35.40)

I am making arrangements with different offices to make deliveries for the people working there and if you have a group that would like to have a particular delivery location please let me know. If it is close enough to include on my already planned delivery runs I won’t even need to require a minimum number of subscriptions for it. If it requires that I drive a long distance for the delivery I will either need a minimum number of subscriptions to make the location possible.

I am interested in comments (you may use the comment form or my contact form) in what might make this option better or what produce my customers would like to see me grow in the future.

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