TCLynx’s Rail Beds and Rail Troughs

Rail bed and trough parts available here.

Here is a picture of troughs and beds on the ground and I will soon also show how it’s done up off the ground (with light weight media.)

Aquaponics Rail beds and troughs

Aquaponics Rail beds and troughs

These beds are build using special clips and clamps to hold the Durascrim liner to the chain link fence top rail or conduit. The Rail or conduit (and fence panels for the elevated beds) can be sourced locally to save on shipping charges and all other parts for the beds can be shipped fairly reasonably. The conduit or fence rail can be cut using the rotary tubing cutters and I can supply the hard plastic backing for plumbing the uniseals so power tools are not even required to install a rail bed.

Now I will caution that rail beds are not “cheaper” than using stock tanks but they are more appropriate for say large Raft beds or pond plant beds that you don’t need to have elevated. The Rail beds do address the issues with lumber and liner here in termite territory.

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