Funny Ducks

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Here is for those people who didn’t get to see the Duck TV web cam today before it got too dark. Here is the Funny Ducks video or Ducks biting water as it were. These are two young Female Muscovy . . . → Read More: Funny Ducks

Duck TV-post

Testing out Duck TV (and chickens too, they all like the duck-a-ponics system) If you like Duck TV and want to see Fish TV, please donate to the fund so I can afford some live web cameras for the fish tanks.

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This is a live web cam . . . → Read More: Duck TV-post

Duck A Ponics

So this isn’t quite aquaponics but Duckaponics. See the kiddie pool or whatever else we would use to give water to the ducks would get so nasty so fast and hand to be dumped and washed every other day and was such a waste of water. So when a neighbor brought us an old . . . → Read More: Duck A Ponics